Recommendation by Sally Brampton

The second series of apps has now been available for a couple of weeks and the launch coincided with the following recommendation from Sally Brampton, writing in the Sunday Times:

“Sally’s rescue remedies

And relax… Many people find hypnotherapy a powerful tool, not simply for cracking  addictions, but as a way to calm a racing mind. Let’s face it, though, it is  expensive. Self-hypnosis is equally powerful, but best learnt from an  expert. Patrick Browning, a member of the faculty of the Institute for  Clinical Hypnosis and a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, has  produced an app. His voice is so soothing, and I was so relaxed, I was  almost comatose.

Learn Self-Hypnosis with Patrick Browning for iPhone, free;

App downloads have increased considerably. So  far the popular topics

from the second series appear to be anxiety, confidence and alcohol. There are also some very positive reviews and I hope users will send reviews to Apple or, indeed, email me if they have anything they want to discuss.


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