The latest series of apps includes one for those who want to stop biting their nails. I was amused to see a comment about nailbiting recently in the obituary column of The Times. Brigadier Malcolm Cubiss had lost a hand in battle and wore a steel hook. Brigadier John King added this memory:

“As a regimental colleague, Malcolm Cubiss once had occasion to stay with me in my married quarters. On exiting the bathroom after his morning ablutions — and dressed only in vest, underpants and minus his prosthetic arm — he came across my 7-year-old son on the landing. Noting the look of mild alarm and curiosity on my son’s face, Cubiss pointed to his stump and said: “See, boy, this is what happens when you bite your fingernails.” My son, now 32, has had pristine fingernails ever since.”

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