The following links are provided in order to give the potential client more information about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and also about some of the issues which they may be facing.

This site gives access to one of a number of registers of qualified hypnotherapists practising in the United Kingdom. It is allied to the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (www. which sets training standards for a number of organisations providing training for hypnotherapists. This site also provides some general information about hypnosis and the benefits to be obtained from hypnotherapy.
The Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council was set up with Government encouragement in order to provide self regulation for a number of complementary therapies (including hypnotherapy), and so better consumer protection.
The ICH is one of the leading training organisations in hypnotherapy. The graduates of the Institute are bound by its Code of Ethics.
A useful directory of hypnotherapists practising in different locations. It also has a number of informative articles written by practitioners.
This site provides articles written by practising hypnotherapists. While it is intended mainly for practitioners it may be of interest to clients also.



This is the website of AnxietyUK, previously the National Phobics Society, and it provides a very helpful source of information for anybody suffering from a phobia.
Helpful site for those with a fear of people, making everyday tasks an ordeal. Sufferers may also have physical symptoms such as trembling, blushing or sweating
Brief comments on both agoraphobia and social phobia as well as being a source of other medical information.

Smokers who are thinking of stopping already know about their reduced life expectancy and the medical misery which lies ahead for them if they do not stop. However, if they are short of information this website points the way.
An outspoken source, encouraging quitting without using nicotine replacement therapy products.
An entertaining and informative site.

A self-help group for overeaters in the UK, using a 12 step programme (like Alcoholics Anonymous).
The world leader in gastric band hypnotherapy, intended to help those who are obese (with a BMI in excess of 30) to shed weight. I am a Licensed Practitioner.

The National Centre for Eating Disorders provides both information and help.
Charity providing helplines, online support and self-help groups, as well as training for practitioners.
This site is sponsored by a chain of US treatment centres but it also provides useful background information on anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

The Hungry Cyclist
Not a hypnotherapy link, but I am delighted to be sponsoring Tom Kevill-Davies on his long American cycle ride in search of the perfect meal. For those of you seeking to control your weight this website may inspire you to take more exercise!

Informative site from Cambridge University’s counselling service.
This has the Great British Sleep Survey and other ideas for improved sleeping.

Useful information from the National Eczema Society
Information and discussion forum on psoriasis.
Information and discussion forum on hair loss.

Forum and chatroom with information about phobias, anxiety, depression together with a good section on panic attacks.

Based in Battersea, this centre (established in 1983) helps anyone who has been affected by cancer. A range of complementary therapies is available.

CANCERactive is a major source of information on complementary and alternative therapies for people with cancer. Its aim is to empower people to increase their personal odds of beating cancer and to be able to make informed, personal choices about their cancer.
The leading holistic cancer charity.
Information service about cancer and cancer care for people with cancer and their families.

Information and bulletin board.

Information and forum for sufferers from irritable bowel syndrome.
Information for sufferers from colitis and Crohn’s disease.


A useful source of information on pain, including some references to hypnosis.
The National Migraine Centre provides both information and treatment for people with migraine. I am currently running a project at the Centre to explore how hypnotherapy can help to reduce the frequency of migraine and its severity.
The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association provides advice on snoring and sleep apnoea as well as bruxism (teeth grinding). While there is not much evidence that hypnotherapy can help snoring it can often be of assistance with bruxism and sleep apnoea.