Corporate Services

Employers are now increasingly conscious of the importance of maintaining and enhancing the health of their employees. A cost-effective way of dealing with stress, for example, is by holding group sessions where employees are taught techniques for relaxation and self motivation. Stress, if not properly managed, can lead to other problems, including eating disorders, drug abuse, depression and anger.

Some companies have employee assistance programmes, which allow any employee to call an external organisation to obtain advice or treatment, usually for conditions not normally covered by medical insurance, such as smoking cessation, eating disorders, or behavioural or emotional problems. If the employer does not want to incur the cost of such a programme an alternative approach would be to have one or more practitioners available to come to company premises to give assistance to employees but at the employee’s cost.

Colleges and schools may wish to offer students support with exam revision, or help in combating exam nerves, in goalsetting and motivation. The cost can be kept down by providing sessions on a group basis.