Are the apps “coming soon”?

We all know that “l’homme propose et Dieu dispose”, so I should not be surprised that the launch of Browning Hypnosis apps, planned for September, will now happen in November — at least we hope it will. And actually this is something that often crops up with clients: they are frustrated and upset by the fact that they cannot control things external to themselves. That reminds me of the story about Mulla Nasrudin, who is the subject of many stories in the middle east. Nasrudin decided to plant a flower garden. The flowers grew, but also a large number of dandelions. Nasrudin tried every remedy he could think of to get rid of the dandelions, but still they grew. Eventually, Nasrudin went to the Sheikh’s Palace to consult the Royal Gardener, who was known for his wisdom and experience in gardening matters. The Royal Gardener made many suggestions but Nasrudin had tried them all. The two men sat in silence for a while, and then the Royal Gardener said, “well, you will just have to learn to love them”.

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