• A range of app sessions are now  available in the Apple App Store (see the full list below)
  • Your first download gives you a free session to teach you how to do self-hypnosis, enabling you to make the changes you want faster
  • More apps are coming soon – please let me know if there are sessions you would like to see in a future app


You may have already discovered my apps on the Apple App Store — if not, do have a look at them. There is a list below which shows you the apps which are being issued first….

Achieving faster change. I have found that the clients who come to see me, no matter what it is for, usually benefit greatly from being given CDs, which they can use in their own time to reinforce the treatment or continue the process of change which they have already started. I teach them how to do self-hypnosis so that they can take themselves into a relaxed state and then either give themselves positive suggestions or listen to the suggestions or imagery that I’m offering them.

From CDs to apps. Some of the CDs which I have given to clients have been highly specific and are suitable only for that individual, but many of the CDs have been of wider application. Anybody with that particular issue (say fear of flying) would benefit from the CD. So it seemed sensible to offer these CDs to a wider audience in the form of apps — a format which is becoming increasingly popular. Some apps may be intended to promote change which will be permanent, e.g. to stop biting your nails. You may only need to listen to this app a few times. Other apps may be supportive and you may find you need to use them indefinitely in the future, e.g. to help with pain relief.

You are making the change. Remember that, although hypnosis can be extremely effective, it is not a magic wand. It is important that you should want to make the change that you are seeking and are prepared to put some effort into making that change.

Hypnosis can be a self-help technique. You will find, if you have not already done so, that your first download will give you a free app which will teach you how to do self-hypnosis. This is a very simple process, and you will find that you get better (and go deeper) with practice — so may I encourage you to practise, both with and without the app? Just close your eyes, let your muscles relax, and remember that no effort is required and you do not need to listen to every word I say. Do not be surprised if it feels like a very natural state — because it is — and sooner or later the thought may occur to you that, although you could move, you do not really want to …

Here is an exchange of emails with a user who found how helpful self-hypnosis could be, published with permission:

Good Evening Patrick,

I have really been enjoying your self hypnosis app and has really helped me
so far. I was wondering if you could put together a version that would help
me to speak slower and more clearly.

Thank you for your time



Dear Darren

Thank you for your e-mail and I’m so glad you are enjoying self-hypnosis.
Actually, you do not need another version from me as it will be easy for you
to help yourself. If you have not already done so I suggest you download the
additional app on using self-hypnosis and this will give you more
information about giving yourself positive suggestions while you are in
self-hypnosis. For example, the suggestion you could give yourself might be
“when I’m speaking to X I remember to slow down”. As you say those words to
yourself silently you draw out the words “slow” and “down”, and you repeat
the suggestion to yourself 10 times. It may be that you’re not speaking
clearly because you’re not allowing time to breathe properly. So, another
suggestion might be “when I am speaking I remember to pause to take a

Do let me know how you get on.



Good Evening Patrick,

Just an update, I have been listening to self hypnosis for a while now and seen a massive improvement.
I have slowed right down in my speaking and even achieved a new job. So thank you for the feedback before.
Going to continue with self hypnosis and try and achieve every success in my new job and be the best I can be.

Thank You

Kind Regards


Your personal needs. Do bear in mind that I do not know what your own personal needs are, and it may be that you need to see a hypnotherapist, or other practitioner, for help. One or more of my apps may help you to consolidate the support you are getting from elsewhere. Or you can always arrange a session with me: email, or call 020 8987 8700

More to come. I’m expecting to issue more apps, to help with a wide range of issues, probably on a quarterly basis. If you do not find what you’re looking for please let me know — perhaps I can include it in the next set of releases.


  • Learn self-hypnosis  This is a free app and you are encouraged to practise with it
  • Use self-hypnosis  This app encourages you to explore how you can benefit from self-hypnosis
  • Motivate yourself  Help with achieving your goals
  • Exam success  Intended for GCSE students helping them to relax, revise and overcome exam stress
  • Forgetting to blush  Helping people who blush when in front of an audience or group
  • Controlling weight  Some basic advice for those wanting to develop new eating habits
  • Letting headache go  How to use imagery to let go of ordinary headaches (not migraines)
  • Childbirth river imagery  Use imagery to help relax in childbirth
  • Relax into sleep  Help with going to sleep, starting with self-hypnosis
  • Relaxed flying  For those who feel uncomfortable when flying
  • Forgiveness imagery  Sometimes anger and resentment can be very damaging so it will be helpful to forgive and move on
  • Immune system imagery  People with cancer will want to encourage their immune system to be more effective


  • Alcohol  For those who want to regain control
  • Anxiety  Reduce those anxious thoughts
  • Chocolate  If you have decided to stop eating it
  • Confidence  Help with doing what you want to do
  • Exercise  You want to do it regularly
  • Hypertension  Help to reduce your blood pressure
  • Hypnotic poetry  Discover how relaxing poetry can be
  • IBS  For sufferers with constipation
  • Migraine  A dissociation training to manage pain
  • Nailbiting  Want to stop?


  • Bulimia nervosa Help to control your binge eating
  • Glove anaesthesia A pain management technique
  • IBS  Daily imagery practice
  • IBS For those with diarrhoea
  • Inner Sanctuary Self-soothing, first in a series
  • Panic attacks  Learn coping strategies
  • Relax in your garden Just relax!
  • Tamoxifen and hot flushes Particularly for those being treated for breast cancer
  • Weight management  Skills of good weight managers
  • Worry time  Reduce the time spent worrying