The latest series of apps includes one for those who want to stop biting their nails. I was amused to see a comment about nailbiting recently in the obituary column of The Times. Brigadier Malcolm Cubiss had lost a hand in battle and wore a steel hook. Brigadier John King added this memory:

“As a regimental colleague, Malcolm Cubiss once had occasion to stay with me in my married quarters. On exiting the bathroom after his morning ablutions — and dressed only in vest, underpants and minus his prosthetic arm — he came across my 7-year-old son on the landing. Noting the look of mild alarm and curiosity on my son’s face, Cubiss pointed to his stump and said: “See, boy, this is what happens when you bite your fingernails.” My son, now 32, has had pristine fingernails ever since.”

Recommendation by Sally Brampton

The second series of apps has now been available for a couple of weeks and the launch coincided with the following recommendation from Sally Brampton, writing in the Sunday Times:

“Sally’s rescue remedies

And relax… Many people find hypnotherapy a powerful tool, not simply for cracking  addictions, but as a way to calm a racing mind. Let’s face it, though, it is  expensive. Self-hypnosis is equally powerful, but best learnt from an  expert. Patrick Browning, a member of the faculty of the Institute for  Clinical Hypnosis and a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, has  produced an app. His voice is so soothing, and I was so relaxed, I was  almost comatose.

Learn Self-Hypnosis with Patrick Browning for iPhone, free;

App downloads have increased considerably. So  far the popular topics

from the second series appear to be anxiety, confidence and alcohol. There are also some very positive reviews and I hope users will send reviews to Apple or, indeed, email me if they have anything they want to discuss.